Hearing Canceled for Somali Terror Suspect Who Wanted to Ask U.S. Judge for Release

MINNEAPOLIS -- A Somali man who has been in custody for more than two years on terror-related charges is expected to ask a federal judge in Minneapolis Monday to be released while he waits to be sentenced.

MINNEAPOLIS -- A hearing has been canceled for a Somali man who's been in custody for more than two years on terror charges.

Kamal Said Hassan had wanted to ask a federal judge Monday to release him while he waits to be sentenced. But his hearing was postponed due to a scheduling conflict. A new date has not been set.

Hassan has admitted that he left Minneapolis for Somalia in 2007 and stayed at a training camp for al-Shabab, a violent group that seeks to establish an Islamic state in Somalia. Hassan said he continued to follow orders of the terror group after he left the camp. He's one of roughly 20 men who are believed to have traveled from Minneapolis to fight for the terror group, but he's the only one who is in custody pending sentencing Others are on supervised release while the court processes related cases.

Hassan pleaded guilty to providing material support to a foreign terrorist organization and other charges.

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